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get to know me:

Hey guys. I'm Annie. I really like good food, good music and good books. Ideally I'd spend the days in nature (beach, mountains whatever) with books, buko, my laptop, interface mic to make music, and people I love.

If I'm going to be deep, Lux is the standard unit of light, and light can either be reflected or refracted so thats what I do with emotion when composing & producing. 

Currently I am a freelance composer/music artist who collaborates with television/film music libraries and upcoming international artists (mostly in Asia but also here in LA.) I've also been performing here & there with the homies, I went on a mini tour accidentally in October 2022 (lol.) My 2023 year goal is to continue to be a music producer/artist and to keep making music you & I both actually like. It's that, and I want to maintain the family favourite child status as much as possible.


I've started introducing myself as a music producer since moving to LA a few months ago and its changed my life for the better. I have this song called 'Hurry Up', it's my baby. I also produced this song called "Beauty Queen" and "Tahan Na (Bright.)" Thank you to whoever listens to my music, I've reached over a million streams on that one song "Hurry Up" and maybe about 3 million streams collectively on everything I've ever released. I grew up between Calgary, Alberta Canada and Bicol, Albay Philippines. Canadian Inquirer reached out and wrote a glowing profile which you can read here, or you can listen to CBC Calgary Eyeopener's musician profile for me here

I graduated a while ago (class of 2019) from my dream school Berklee College of Music majoring in Contemporary Writing and Production so I am very spoiled but I'm forever learning.  (lets work, also know as, let's make our favourite music ever. <3) 

"The expressive lyrics give you a sense of the sort of artist that Annie Lux is; a young women who is vulnerably open with her emotions."
"Atmospheric vocals."

 - RNB Nerd (reputable music blog.)

- David Gray, CBC Calgary Eyeopener


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